Boarding & Basic Grooming



St. Francis Veterinary Clinic was designed with your pet family member in mind.  In the case that you need to leave home, or town, you can count on our caring and loving team to care for your loved one with the satisfaction that your pet's veterinarian will be in the same building if there were to be any concerns.  

Our facility has designated boarding rooms per species, size, and medical condition to guarantee the comfort of your pet and minimize any transmission of disease among the residents.  For that same reason, we screen or interview every member prior to starting the boarding admission.  Your pet's medical records will be evaluated to make sure he/she is current on the necessary vaccinations to be in the hotel and that there are no Ectoparasites (fleas/ticks) that could be causing discomfort to your pet and potentially transmitted to others in the clinic. 

Boarding available

  • Healthy small/medium kennels                                      $ 30
  • Healthy medium/large dog runs and kennels                 $ 38-45
  • Healthy cat kennels                                                        $ 28
  • Healthy exotic kennel with or without enclosure             $ 22-38 
  • Medical boarding or boarding with special needs for your pet: dog, cat, or exotic of all sizes is also available

Boarding drop off and pick-up guidelines

  • Monday thru Friday:  8:00 am to 11:00 am / 1:00pm to 5:00 pm
  • Sunday - pick-ups by Appointment ONLY:  9:00 am to 12:00 pm

The clinic is closed to the public on Saturday, and Sunday is only open for each designated appointment slot during the time-frame mentioned above.  Please note there are no medical services offered over the weekend.  Our team members on the weekend are here exclusively to take care of our boarding patients. 

Day care with day play and/or group play

At St. Francis Veterinary Clinic we believe that exercising and movement is very important to the well-being of your pet.  For this reason, we have accommodated exercise time for our residents.  Our nurse assistants will be assigning the exercise time for your pet based on your preferences and your pets physical and emotional condition.  Group exercising to stimulate socialization among same species will be available and will always occur under close supervision unless otherwise directed by you.  If your pet is a first timer, your pet will have an interview and evaluation on the first day play session.

We have day care services for dogs and cats with different day play activities.  We encourage you to call us to ask about our packages to get your pet accommodated in our fun day care routine!

Grooming Services:

At this time due to COVID-19 we have some limitations on how many pets can be booked per day.  Please call for availability 

  • Quick bath with ear cleaning for dogs less than 90 lbs. 
  • Full bath with nail trimming, ear cleaning, anal gland expression for all size dogs
  • Nail trimming and nail capping for cats (please bring your own nail caps from your local pet store)
  • Nail trimming and filing for dogs/cats/turtles/tortoises/lizards/rodents/marsupials
  • Sanitary clips (peri-anal [rear] region only) available for dogs and cats