Health Certificate

If you are getting ready to travel with your pet either interstate and/or internationally, there may be specific animal health requirements specific to the destination that must be covered before leaving our city.  As soon as you start planning your trip, give as a call to guide you in the correct place to start gathering all the information needed for your pet's travel arrangements.  Factors that should be considered may include destination, transportation system, length of stay, and your pet species.

Dr. Cristina Jaramillo is USDA Accredited and will be able to provide you with the health certificate for travel.  Please keep in mind the process may require time, sometimes months, to complete the certificate, and it is all depending on where your pet will be clearing customs for their final destination.

Be Prepared, Start Here:

Airline Pet Travel -- you must contact your airline to find out their specific requirements prior to traveling.  Some may require a Health Certificate and others may also request a letter of acclimatization.  In the latter, it is important for you to find information about how your pet is traveling (cargo with air conditioning or without) and keep this in mind based on our current seasons and weather.  Our goal is that you and your pet travel safely.

International Pet Travel: