Holistic Care

At St. Francis Veterinary Clinic we believe in less is more as well as every individual must be treated as such.  Not all prescriptions apply to ALL patients, vaccinations are recommended based on the life style and risks assessment based on the area where they live.  Dr. Jaramillo believes in targeted, specialized medical therapy to each individual based on their medical needs, personality, medical history, body condition score, and behavior.  Though Dr. Jaramillo is not a holistic veterinarian, she is always looking for alternative therapy options for those that provide the best results with the less side effects.  In addition, it is one of her goals to one day offer Acupuncture to aid her patients with systemic and painful conditions as well as her geriatric patients regain some comfort and improve their quality of life.

At St. Francis Veterinary Clinic we provide Vaccination Titers when needed and indicated.  The results allow us for an objective assessment to understand and realize if your pet does need to be vaccinated (boostered) and when.

Acupuncture Coming Soon!