Exotic Medicine

Dr. Cristina Jaramillo has a special interest in reptile medicine (turtles, tortoises, lizards, snakes). Not considered a specialist in the topic she is able to provide the most important information needed for the care of your reptile.  Poor husbandry is considered the number one cause of disease in the reptile pet and it is her goal to be able to provide you with the most reliable information to keep your reptile safe, based on its species.

When scheduling the appointment for your healthy or sick reptile pet, please allocate sufficient time to discuss a great variety of topics with the doctor.  Please bring as much information of your current setup at home including pictures if available.

For sick visits, the initial consultation will only be the start of the ongoing research and continued education that Dr. Jaramillo will provide after partnering with multiple colleagues with the ultimate goal of finding the cause of the problem and providing as many options as possible for the treatment.

Remember, annual wellness evaluations are highly recommended for your reptile pet.

Yearly Check up for your exotic pet