We are always striving to provide your pet with superior care.  Here is what some of our pet parents have to say about Dr. Cristina Jaramillo.

". . . your calm and kind demeanor has meant as much as the excellent medical care you've provided. I wish you and your family well. Take care of those two little ones."
- Jacklin McAlpin. 09/2016

"Dr. Jaramillo -- your leaving east Fort Worth will certainly leave a void in me and Reacher's lives. I appreciate your care for him, Chaco, and Al the past several years. Thank you for always making me feel as if my animals were the 'most important in the world.' Your kind, gentle spirit coupled with your excellent veterinary skills certainly makes you the perfect vet! I always appreciated the fact that you called me yourself when my animals had been in for a clinical visit. I know they are the healthy pets they are today because of your medical treatment and discussions of preventative care. I felt that your services never included unnecessary treatment just to increase my bill. Your honesty and dedication to your filed of practice is exceptional. We will miss you - but, as you said .... I feel certain our paths will cross again. We wiss you the very best of luck as you move forwards in your career."
-Jackin, Reacher 09/2016

"I appreciated the partnership exhibited, meeting my family where we were financially, and the options carefully discussed."
-anonymous 9/2016

"Very good personal approach with patients and pet owners . . . overall provided very good care, reliable, and always called the pet owner back; greatly appreciated."
-anonymous 9/2016

"disappointed to hear you were leaving our neighborhood. Entrusting dogs is very difficult when the irritation can not be communicated. We wish you well in your practice. Frodo will wish your attention and professional care."
-Phillip D. Dye 9/2016

"Excellent veterinarian and I am really saddened she has left . . . "
-anonymous 9/2016

"Dr Jaramillo is a wonderful caring vet. She has taken good care of all my pets. She treated my chihuahua with compassion during her final illness. She will be missed at . . . "
-Carol Spann 9/2016