General Medicine



Digital X-ray

Digital radiography, or x-rays, provide the state of the art imaging diagnostic tool to our veterinarians allowing immediate interpretation of organ of concern.

Common diseases found on x-rays:

  • Chest -- lung disease (pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma), heart disease
  • Abdomen -- foreign body, masses, organ enlargement or displacement, stones
  • Skeleton -- fractures, arthritis, dysplasia, inflammation, cancer


  • Minor abdominal scans to evaluate liver, spleen, kidneys, and urinary bladder for any abnormalities or major concerns.
  • Reproductive scan to find out if your pet is pregnant and current condition of the fetuses (pups) or to evaluate the reproductive system if there are medical concerns
  • Major abdominal screenings to evaluate all abdominal organs -- coming soon -- images may be consulted with a specialist of concern Internist or Cardiologist 
  • Echocardiography with option of doppler -- coming soon -- images may be consulted with a specialist of concern Internist or Cardiologist 

Blood pressure will be available for all wellness check ups and for sick visits.

Electrocardiogram (ECG) will be available for our pre-surgical or pre-anesthetic patients as well for our sick patients.

Laboratory Testing

In house laboratory

  • Basic diagnostic tools area available for the most urgent cases:
  • Electrolyte and glucose monitoring
  • Packed cell volume and total protein

    Routine diagnostics

    • Cytology (ear, skin, tumors), skin scraping

    Viral screenings

    • feline immunodeficiency virus (AIDS)
    • feline leukemia virus
    • canine parvovirus
    • canine heartworms
    • common tick diseases

    Outside laboratory

    • We partner with IDEXX Diagnostics for most of our laboratory needs including blood sampling for chemistry, blood counts, pancreas/enzyme evaluation, intestinal parasite screening, endocrine screening, microbiology, and pathology.
    • In addition, we can do allergy testing and develop an immuno-therapy (allergy medication/vaccine) working together with our consulting Dermatologist through IDEXX as well.