Preventative Care
Preventative Care


At St. Francis Veterinary Clinic, we evaluate each of our patient's risk factors to be able to offer and provide the best preventive program that fits your pet and your family.  We have developed a plan that will be adjusted to your pet based on his/her developmental keystone and his/her lifestyle.


Getting a puppy or a kitten is an exciting time for the family and our goal is to help you get your new family member adjust well to their new environment as you adjust and learn about them as well.  During your first visit we will review the basics of care for your pup/kit including nutrition, behavior training, potty training, developmental keystones, and how to keep them safe as well as your family.  Different diseases will be discussed and a vaccination protocol developed with the goal of protecting him/her against common and sometimes deadly diseases specific to their species and some could be transmitted to people as well based on our geographic location.  We want to make sure everyone in the family is safe.

Our wellness puppy/kitten plan includes multiple visits oriented to cover all the vaccination cycles needed to provide them with the protection needed and with the goal of following up with any concerns that may develop as they grow up.


Annual physical evaluation, heartworm and fecal testing are recommended for all pets 12 months or older.  Blood work to evaluate organ function may be considered with the goals of having a guideline to check your pet's trends over the years.


Patients 7 years and older should receive annual physical examinations unless a previous medical condition has been determined.  Annual organ function evaluation (blood work) and thyroid monitoring is highly recommended as part of the wellness plan.  Annual heartworm and fecal testing will be part of this plan to guarantee your pets continued well-being.


Patients 13 years and older should receive bi-annual physical examinations.  Bi-annual organ function evaluation (blood work) and thyroid monitoring is highly recommended as part of the wellness plan.  Annual heartworm and fecal testing is also recommended.

What is different about St. Francis Veterinary Clinic's Wellness Plans?

Vaccinations will be recommended based on the risk assessment developed by you and our staff at the time of your visit.  Your pet will be treated as the individual that he/she is.

We believe in vaccinating when is exclusively necessary rather than administering every other vaccine that becomes available in the market.  In addition, we are very selective in the product that we will be offering to guarantee it's quality and safety to your pet.  

We work in a team with your family and our staff.  For this reason, It is extremely important that you keep us updated in the upcoming boarding, grooming, travel plans so that we can better tailor the vaccination plan for your pet.  It is highly recommended that arrangements to update the vaccines on your pet are made at least 2 weeks prior to boarding, grooming, or travel to guarantee the product will be effective before the upcoming event.

If your pet has not been on heartworm prevention, or there is significant gap between the preventatives administered, we recommend testing every 6 months for the first year before your pet is back in track - this applies to young adults that did not receive heartworm prevention early in life, or that the history is perhaps uncertain (adoptees).

Patients that have close family members in active military duty may need to receive the Rabies vaccination annually, due to possible out of the country travel.  Please let us know if this is the case for the proper labeling on your pet's certificate.

Families that leave outside of Fort Worth must double check the current city guidelines to make sure the Rabies certificate is current and not in violation of your city's requirements.  If  you have questions or are currently not certain, do not worry, we'll check for you to make sure your pet has the correct certificate.


Contact our office today to schedule your pet’s next routine exam or inquire more about our wellness plans.