General Medicine
General Medicine

St. Francis Veterinary Clinic will be offering evaluation for your sick, ill, or uncomfortable pet.  

Our nursing staff will gather all the information relevant to the problem and your pet's doctor will proceed with a full physical exam.  Once your pet's doctor makes the assessment, he/she will discuss with you the concerns and make appropriate recommendations either for needed diagnostics to find the cause of the problem, provide instructions for medications, nutraceuticals, or dietary changes needed to improve your pets wellbeing.

Our veterinarians cover a wide variety of fields, including and not limited to general medicine, internal medicine, dermatology, cardiology, ophthalmology, orthopedics and geriatric medicine. 

Chronic illnesses will be managed by the entire team, you, the doctor and the staff.  Chronic diseases may need several close visits when your pet is recently diagnosed, or visits spread apart depending on the condition.

The Heart Patient: 

Cardiovascular diseased patients (heart patients) will have specific protocols and wellness packages depending on severity of the condition.  A general package will be outlined below; this will be modified per patient needs.

Examination every 6 months, ECG every 12 months (unless otherwise indicated per patient disease), Blood pressure every 6 months, chest x-rays every 12 months, Echocardiogram every 6-12 mo. depending on patient needs, and complete Thyroid profile on first evaluation, then thyroid monitoring once a year - unless otherwise indicated.

​The Skin Patient:

If your pet continues to have ear infections or skin infections periodically, he/she may be suffering from skin allergies.  We can arrange skin allergy testing and develop an immunotherapy plan needed to control and minimize the presentation of the skin condition on your pet.  If allergy testing is not an option for your pet, your veterinarian will sit down with you to develop a treatment plan that will help improve your pet's condition and comfort levels while working with around your schedule and lifestyle.

Limited Hospitalization needs:

On some circumstances, some medical cases may need of additional help.  Sometimes, based on your pet's disease process and your comfort levels, we may need to refer you to the specialist for further and continued care.  In other circumstances, we will be able to continue your pet's care in our clinic.  We offer hospitalization services for different reasons and needs including and not limited to:  fluid therapy and electrolyte supplementation, diuresis (kidney patients or toxicosis), IV antibiotic or other medications administration, intensive care monitoring, nutritional support, and many others.

If you think or you have been offered this service for your pet, do not hesitate to ask the means and extent of our services.

Heartworm Disease, Treatment and Consultation:

In Texas, unfortunately our doctors often find heartworm positive results in many of our patients.  When this happens we discuss the findings and what to expect with the client and work on developing the best treatment plan for that pet.  These treatments may need close monitoring and sometimes hospitalization depending on the patient's status and stage of disease and can all be done here at St. Francis Veterinary Clinic.